Customer Service Guarantee

The Customer Service Guarantee Standard (CSG Standard) protects you from poor service. It tells telcos how fast they must connect or fix your landline. It also sets the compensation they have to pay if they miss those timelines. 

Note: complain if we don't meet:

What the CSG covers

The CSG covers phone and internet services as well as appointments at your location including: 

A 'fault' is when:
The standard does not cover:


In most cases, the timelines depend on the size and location of your community, but also the information provided by you so we can effectively complete the task. 

Connecting a brand new service
Size of community Timeline
Urban (10,000+ people)
Within 5 working days
Major rural (2501 to 9999 people)
Within 10 working days
Minor rural (201 to 2500 people)
Within 15 working days
Remote (up to 200 people)
Within 15 working days
Repairing faults or problems
Size of community Operational Period Timeline
Urban (10,000+ people)
8am-5pm, business days
End of next working day
Major rural (201 to 9999 people)
8am-5pm, business days
End of second working day
Remote (up to 200 people)
8am-5pm, business days
End of third working day
Connecting to an existing service

Where a phone service already exists, and we are transferring the service away from an existing service provider we will connect your new services within 12 weeks.  This is for all communities. 

In transferring of services we are often at the mercy of the losing provider and their timelines for accepting your request to migrate, and we have often seen migrations take up to 12 months to complete.  We understand, however, that you are choosing us for a reason and we will commit to you that even at cost to our business we will connect our services within 12 weeks. 

Attending appointments

When Emutel makes an appointment to connect or fix a service, we must: 

Community Window for appointment Appointment is missed if the telco does not attend
All locations
4 hours or less
Within 15 minutes of the appointment period*
Interim or alternative phone service

Emutel may offer you another service while we are fixing a fault. This could be: 

The CSG Standard does not apply to these services. You can accept or refuse the service as long as Emutel gives you enough information to decide. 

Exemptions from the CSG standard

In a few situations, we cannot be held accountable to our CSG Standard.  We hold ourselves to a very high standard day-to-day, but there are times where this just isn’t possible. 

If there is a mass service disruption

The CSG does not apply if a network outage or disruption is the result of: 

In the case of a mass service disruption, the telco must follow the rules in the Standard. Within 10 days of the start of the disruption they must: 

Compensation payments to you

If a telco misses a timeline in the CSG Standard, they must pay compensation. You don’t need to ask. It is automatic. 

If the network providers do not meet their obligations

The CSG does not apply if the network providers cannot deliver the service within the expected timeframe, and have clearly communicated this fact.  There are times there is a network shortfall or delay in technician availability.  Our commitment to you is to ensure that we will clearly communicate any delays or appointment information. 

Contact us in the first instance if you have problems with an outage.  You can raise the issue with the ombudsman if we do not resolve it. 

Business customers

Emutel must pay $20.00 for each appointment where a representative of Emutel is missed. We cannot be held accountable for missed appointments of NBN technicians or network provider appointments missed.

Services delayed Compensation per working day, 1 to 5 days Compensation per working day, 6+ days
Connect or fix a standard telephone service
Connect or fix extra features to an existing service

We must also pay $20.00 for each appointment, where a representative of Emu Tel is missed.  We cannot be held accountable for missed appointments of NBN technicians or network provider appointments missed. 

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