How We Helped Bellarine Hearing save time and increase revenue with better customer Support

Founded in 1992, Bellarine Hearing is an independent, specialised healthcare service with two clinics in regional Victoria, one in Geelong and the other in Torquay. Their team of five Audiologists look after people’s complete hearing needs, including full diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid services, tinnitus support and the creation of custom ear plugs for swimmers, musicians and those operating in noisy environments.

Before EmuTel

  • Inconsistent, slow, and lacking support
  • Talking to a different person all the time
  • Lost revenue from unreliable phone systems
  • Slow Internet connection

After EmuTel

  • Confidence in prompt local service and support
  • One point of contact with personalised service
  • Retention increase from happier customers with less missed calls and saved staff time
  • Well priced, better Internet service, and no more missed calls

As a customer-facing service provider, where customers need to make an appointment to come in, either online or by phone, reliable Internet and phone systems are critical to the business.

The Problems

Bellarine Hearing co-owner and Audiologist, Kate Redman says, “Any time there was an issue, (with our previous Telco system and provider) it took a really long time to be sorted out and there was no consistency. We were talking to a different person all the time.”

The tipping point that prompted them to finally remove their business from that provider was the number of times their phone systems were down and the subsequent loss in revenue this caused.

Redman said: “I weighed up the pros and cons between staying with the old Telco and moving to someone new. Talking to EmuTel gave me the confidence to make the switch and manage the change.” 

The Solution

Since making the switch, Bellarine Hearing noticed the difference immediately due to the prompt, efficient support, the faster Internet speed and the personalised service offered by EmuTel. Kate said she and the team appreciate the fact that when they call EmuTel, they have the benefit of speaking to the same person every time and are never kept waiting. Best of all, any issue is resolved quickly.

The Payoff

I think the value of service is measured on the amount of time we have to spend on the phone. We were spending hours and hours on the phone with our previous supplier and things were seemingly not happening. EmuTel answers the phone straight away and our issues are sorted out quickly.”