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Case Study: How We Helped Bellarine Furniture Get Their Emails Back

Bellarine Furniture & Bedding is a family-owned and operated business in Ocean Grove. They pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service, the type you would only receive if you were dealing with family. They constantly seek out the latest in furniture trends and pride themselves on selling quality furniture which will withstand the everyday love your family will offer.


What sets them apart is their exceptional customer service. They never charge a delivery fee on the Bellarine or Geelong, they assemble everything they deliver and will take away your old furniture or mattress free of charge – always. You won’t get that service anywhere else.

Before EmuTel

  • They had lost access to their domain

  • They had lost access to their emails

  • They had lost access to their Google Accounts

After EmuTel

  • They had their domain returned to them

  • Their emails were all restored

  • They were given access back to their Google account

Any business that loses accesss to their domain and emails loose access to their customers.

The Problems

Bellarine Furniture lost their emails, as the Google Workspace that hosted the emails became suspended as it was administrated by a company that had shut down. All emails sent to Bellarine Furniture bounced back to the sender.

They had also lost access to their domain, as the default registrant was in an email address that was also owned by another company that had shut down.  The original registra of the domain had gone out of business in 2015, and the domain had changed registras seven times since then.

The Solution

Restoring their access to their domain meant contacting trying to contact all their previous registras, finding the domain wholesaler who had control of the domain, and convincing them to give access to Bellarine Furniture.

The Payoff

“EmuTel helped us recover our lost domain and emails quickly and efficiently. Without their help, we would have lost our entire online presence.” We’re extremely grateful to have found such a reliable and helpful partner in EmuTel!

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