Telecoms Services

We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated

It’s frustrating when you need to speak to someone about your service and it feels like you’re constantly put on hold or transferred to different departments. Not only do you have to wait a long time to speak to someone, but often the person you finally reach can’t actually help you with your problem.

We're Regional Specialists

Emutel is locally owned and supported so we have a local call centre with support people who are based in Australia and know our network inside out. You’ll get through faster than you can order a pizza, and because we use our own hardware we can offer complete support 24/7.

More Flexibility And Scalability To Grow With You


Business Phones

Don’t get left behind in the business world- VoIP phone systems are the way of the future!

business phones

Cordless phones

Have the mobility to move around while still being able to communicate in comfort.


Business NBN™

Get the best unlimited business NBN plans with no lock-in contracts and reliable service.


Full coverage wifi

Keep connected to a reliable and strong network, anywhere on site.

telecoms services, audio recording

On-hold messaging

Play pre-recorded messages to callers and prevent them from hanging up.


Mobile plans

Stay connected anywhere with our feature-rich, flexible mobile plans.

remote work

Remote work

Whether you’re working from home or running a business from afar, to access your files and applications from anywhere

call management

Call management

Manage your telecommunication needs with the ability to view live performance statistics and automatically record calls



Save time and money by placing and receiving telephone calls over the Internet, using a PC instead of a traditional phone.

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We offer:

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dental industry package


It can be hard to manage patient enquiries, especially if you’re busy with other tasks or out of the office. Patients often have to wait on hold for a long time before they can speak to someone, and by the time they do get through they may have already gone elsewhere.

Our dental telephone package solves these problems by providing an easy way for patients to get in touch with you, as well as professional on-hold messaging and providing guest wifi.

Click and call from your computer
Get in touch with all new patient enquiries and call patients back at the click of a button

Professional on-hold messaging
Improve your patient’s caller experience. Promote treatments such as Invisalign and inform callers of any updates or news

Provide patient WiFi
Outshine other local practices by providing free wifi whilst collecting marketing details and automated feedback from your patients

aged care phones

Aged Care

100% phone and wifi coverage

EmuTel’s aged care solution provides 100% phone and wifi coverage, so you can use your devices from anywhere in the home.

Advanced call recording

Calls are automatically recorded, making it easy to keep track of all conversations with residents.

Click and call from your computer

Our computer-based click and call service allows you to easily respond to room placement enquiries and provide a better service to relatives calling to speak to their loved ones. With telco, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all aspects of your residents’ care are taken care of.


Click and call from your computer

EmuTel Hospitality is a click-to-call solution that helps restaurants and hotels take reservations and bookings from their computer.

Provide customer wifi

With EmuTel, you can also provide your customers with free WiFi in exchange for valuable data

Professional on-hold messaging

In addition, our professional on-hold messaging service can promote your latest offers and menu items to all of your callers on hold. EmuTel Hospitality will help you fill more tables and increase your revenue!



Our Veterinary telco package is the complete practice phone system for vets.
Click and call from your computer

Our package allows you to make and receive calls from your PC instantly, with no missed new client enquiries

Professional on-hold messaging

You can also use professional on-hold messaging to promote any pet care plans your practice has, or outline any changes to your opening hours.

Provide customer WiFi

Plus, you can provide customer WiFi in return for valuable data collection – growing your mailing list, social media following and online reviews automatically!

The Emutel Veterinary Package is the perfect way to stay connected with your clients – wherever they are.



Professional call queueing

The EmuTel Healthcare system is a professional call queuing system that lets you manage your patients’ expectations by informing them of when they can expect to speak to your team.

Advanced call recording

EmuTel Healthcare also provides advanced call recording so any discrepancies with patients can be resolved, and live call reporting so you can keep an eye on your team’s performance.

Live call reporting

With EmuTel healthcare, you can focus on what’s important – providing quality healthcare services.


Professional Services

Link your phone to your CRM

Link the system directly to your computer, and keep track of when you last had contact with your clients easily with CRM/phone system integration. Know exactly who’s calling by linking your business’ CRM on your PC with your softphone system. Save time and provide a warm welcome to callers.

Click and call from your computer

Our softphone system provides a range of features for businesses to make, receive and return calls.

You can make and receive calls even if the caller has not left a voicemail, ensuring you don’t miss any potential new clients.

Advanced call recording

Record and listen back to any business calls with ease and check any discussed details. With advanced call recording, you can resolve client discrepancies in minutes.

The EmuTel Professional Services telco system provides an array of features for businesses making, receiving and returning calls – ensuring you don’t miss any opportunities.



Upload your CRM & Click to Call

EmuTel’s real estate solution provides the modern business with a click and call interface from any device, as well as uploadable CRM capabilities.

This allows businesses to manage their customer interactions with ease and advanced call recording for review at any time.

Whether in the office or out of the office, EmuTel provides you with the tools you need to succeed.



Integrate your system with any device

EmuTel industrial services package allows you to integrate your system with any device, making it possible to make and receive calls through your business phone system from anywhere.

Full premises WiFi

You’ll have full premises WiFi, so you can use your devices from a desk, on the move or from anywhere on-site – and experience no dropouts or crackly lines.

Advanced call recording

Plus, our advanced call recording feature makes it easy to listen back on what was discussed in any business call, check any details and resolve discrepancies in minutes.

With EmuTel industrial services, you can make the most of your communications infrastructure.



Click and call from your computer

Our latest technology telephone systems are cloud-based phone, and let you make, receive and return calls from your computer with the click of a button.

You can also use your devices from a desk, on the move or from anywhere in your building.

Professional audio branding

The system has professional audio branding and 100% phone and wifi coverage.

Link your phone to your CRM

Connect your telephone with your CRM, and keep track of important information you discuss with your clients.

With EmuTel, you’ll never have to worry about connection dropouts or crackly calls again.