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Looking for a fast, reliable and affordable broadband option for your small to medium business? Look no further than our standard NBN plans.

What are the Standard NBN plans?

Standard NBN plans are typically the best option for small to medium businesses. They provide a fast, reliable connection with plenty of bandwidth to support even the most data-intensive operations. And, because they’re delivered over Australia’s existing copper network, they’re more affordable than other types of NBN plans, such as fibre plans for example.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a standard NBN plan, though. First, because standard NBN plans use your existing copper phone line, your speed will be limited by the quality of that line. If you have an old or poorly maintained line, you may not get the speeds you expect.

Overall, standard NBN plans are a great option for small to medium businesses that need a fast, reliable connection at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons


– Fast, reliable connection

– Plenty of bandwidth to support data-intensive operations

– More affordable than other types of NBN plans

– Unlimited data cap



– Speeds may be limited by the quality of your existing copper phone line

– Not available in all areas

– Requires a technician to install the equipment necessary to connect to the network

What is an eSLA

An Estimated Service Level Agreement, or ESLA, is a contractually binding agreement between a service provider and a customer that establishes expectations for the level of service to be provided. The agreement typically includes provisions for how the service will be delivered, what SLAs will be in place, and how performance will be measured.

ESLAs are used in cloud computing where customers may not have a clear understanding of the underlying infrastructure and need assurances about the quality of service they can expect. By defining expectations up front, an ESLA can help avoid disputes and misunderstandings later on.

While an ESLA can help set clear expectations for a service, it’s important to remember that it’s only a contract and does not guarantee perfect performance. EmuTel is committed to delivering on our commitments in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

What is 4G Failover?

4G Failover is an optional extra for our NBN™ plans. It automatically kicks in if your NBN™ connection goes down, giving you an alternative way to stay connected.

What is a network Switch?

A switch is a device that helps connect multiple devices together on a network. It does this by providing a dedicated path for data to travel between devices, which can help improve performance by reducing congestion and slowdowns. Switches can also provide additional security by isolating devices from each other so that only authorised devices can communicate with each other.

Switches are an important part of any network because they help ensure that data can flow quickly and smoothly between devices and that only authorised devices are able to communicate with each other. Without a switch, data would have to share the same path between devices, which could lead to bottlenecks and slow down the overall network speed. Therefore, switches play a vital role in keeping networks running smoothly and efficiently.

What is AP Hardware?

AP hardware is a type of device that helps create and manage wireless networks. It usually consists of an antenna, radios, transceivers, and other components. A typical WiFi 6 AP hardware supports multiple users and provides them with high-speed internet access. Long-Range AP hardware is designed to have a longer range than standard WiFi devices so that they can cover larger areas. Most of these devices also come with built-in security features to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Compare Services

Info Essential Standard Priority Voice Enterprise
TC4 Plan
100 | 250 | 1000
Standard Only
Opt + Increased
Enhanced 12 (or more)
Premium 12 (or more)
4G Failover
Included (Emu 30GB+)
Included (Emu 30GB+)
Mikrotik hAP ac
Opt Juniper Upgrade
Opt Juniper Upgrade
If 4G
No hardware materials
No hardware material
UNIFI 8/16/24/48
UNIFI 8/16/24/48
UNIFI 8/16/24/48
No hardware materials
LR/WiFi 6
LR/WiFi 6
LR/WiFi 6
Delivery Times
Fixed-line only
Fixed-line only Min Speed 25/10
Fixed-line only upgrades
1-3 users
4-10 users
8+ users
10+ users

Popular Plans

Unlimited - 100/40

Starting from


Ex. GST / Month


Unlimited - 250/25

Starting from


Ex. GST / Month

Unlimited - 250/100

Starting from


Ex. GST / Month

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