If you live in a rural or remote area where other internet options are limited, then our Satellite Hi-Capacity plans might be the perfect solution for you. With speeds of up to 25Mbps, it's perfect for large remote households or businesses that need a reliable and affordable high-speed internet connection.

What is Satellite Hi-Capacity?

If you’re looking for a high-capacity satellite internet connection, then you’ll want to consider our Satellite Hi-Capacity plans. Because it’s satellite-based, it’s perfect for rural or remote areas where other internet options may be limited.

Some reasons why you might need a high-capacity satellite internet connection like Sky Muster include:

– You live in a rural or remote area where other internet options are limited.

– You need a reliable connection that can handle large amounts of data.

– You need an affordable option for high-speed internet.

Compare Satellite Services

Info Plus Regular Hi-Capacity
Suitable for
Residential & Small Business
Peak Rates
Standard Evening Speeds
Basic or Standard Evening Speeds
Burst Speeds
Data Blocks
Free Standard Installation
Network Protection
Uncapped Content
Uncapped Use Percentage
Estimated ~80% of all use is uncapped/unmetered
Metered Content
Only Video Streaming & VPN Traffic is metered during peak hours (4pm-midnight) and deducted from your peak data allowance.
All traffic is metered and deducted from your data allowance
Off-Peak Hours
All off-peak traffic is uncapped/unmetered between midnight to 4pm (16 hours)
All off-peak traffic is metered between 1am to 7am (6 hours)
Excess Usage Shaping
512/256 kbps
256/256 kbps

Available Plans

25_5mb-100gb hi capacity satellite
25_5mb-150gb hi capacity satellite
25_5mb-200gb hi capacity satellite

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