Business Phones, VoIP, Hosted PBX

Triple your leads with our
Realty Industry Package

Increase your sales and provide a better client experience with reliable communication systems and services for your realty agency

Click-to-call technology

Miss less opportunities, track missed calls and call from your PC

Recorded auto-attendant

Greet callers with an auto-attendant or play on-hold messages

Advanced call recording

Listen back and access what was discussed with clients

Computer softphone integration

Streamline your calls, upload your CRM database, and have full control through your integrated desktop, tablet or mobile phone with our Softphone app solution

softphone remote work
Save time each call

Save time each call identifying the caller by uploading your CRM to your phone system

Miss fewer calls

Keep track of missed opportunities, return calls, answer calls and greet them by name

Click to call from your PC

Click on any phone number, whether it's from a website or an email, to dial it from your PC

Recorded auto attendant

Improve your clients’ caller experience with an auto-attendant by automatically directing  them to the right person on the first call.

If your phones are busy, it will keep callers on the phone by notifying them of this. The queue will then play some music or important announcements while they wait. This feature will also tell them where they are in the queue, allowing them to know they’ll be able to speak to you.

Advanced call recording

Resolve disputes, monitor your team’s client handling and train new team members with advanced call recording.

Have inbound and outbound calls recorded automatically and access them from any device at any time.

telecoms services, audio recording
emuweb website design
Tailored Websites and Graphic Design

Whether you’re promoting a development or maintaining an online presence, we know that presentation is everything in the Real Estate industry.  

Our expert developers will create a User Experience (UX) plan that delivers users through to identified goals such as data capture or appointment generation, and store your leads into your CRM of choice 

Managed IT Services

When it comes to Real Estate, you absolutely have to be available and on the ball, or you risk missing out on big opportunities. Because of this, agents absolutely cannot afford to spend time fixing IT issues if something happens.

At Emutel we understand that there are many moving parts to an agency, and we are here to help by lightening the load.

We offer fully managed IT services, including: