Communicate with ease
Aged care communication package

Make and receive calls from anywhere in your care home with 100% cordless coverage with our package made for your industry

Full phone and wifi coverage

Take your phones anywhere on-site and work on the move

Advanced call recording

Record and save calls, should a resident’s GP need them

Click-to-call technology

Miss fewer opportunities, track calls, & call directly from your PC

Full coverage wifi

Take phones to residents in bed, handle emergency calls on the spot, and remove blind spots that restrict communication, which puts residents at risk.

Our experienced engineers will install wifi and phone access points throughout your premises, ensuring your coverage is 100%

full coverage wifi
No more dropouts or crackly calls
Make and receive calls while on the move across your site
Access secure WiFi from everywhere on your premises
business phones call recording
Call recording

Automatically record all calls and easily access them from any device through the cloud.

You will be able to listen back on calls with medical practitioners to send to your patient’s GP if needed, monitor your team’s call handling and allow residents to listen back to conversations with friends and family

Computer softphone integration

Aged care homes are busy places for both staff and residents. Simplify your calls by integrating your desktop with your phone system, with our Softphone app solution. Miss fewer room placement enquiries, track missed calls on your PC and provide better service to relatives calling for their family members in your care

bria softphone technology