What to do when your NBN isn’t working

nbn isn't working
Here are a few ways to troubleshoot when your NBN isn't working as expected
Check for outages
  • Check your area and/or address on NBN’s network status page to see if an incident or any planned maintenance is the reason your NBN isn’t working.
  • Check our Sorry Page for any known issues or updates we are working on.
Check your modem
  • Ensure the cables are plugged in correctly, are in good condition and the power point is switched on.
Turn it on and off again
  • Turn off the power point for your modem and leave it off for at least 10-20 seconds.
  • Turn the outlet back on and wait for the modem lights to switch on and settle.
  • Attempt to load a website.
Check your WiFi signals

NBN still isn’t working? Call us on 1800 EmuTel (368 835)

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