6 Practical Reasons Why You Need Faster Internet to Stay Competitive

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For a business to find success in a competitive world, maximising productivity is a must.

In this day and age, the Internet has become the most effective tool to fill the gaps of communication between customers, employees and suppliers.
For a business to find success in a competitive world, maximising productivity is a must.

No matter the size, all companies rely on the internet to send emails, make sales, create marketing campaigns and use cloud applications.

The bottom line is no business can afford to wait on slow internet.

How can your business benefit from faster internet?

1. Maximise the Cloud

According to a survey by Accenture, 79% of business owners agree that companies who don’t embrace the Cloud may lose their competitive edge and might have to shut-up-shop in the coming decade.

The most common applications used by businesses have already migrated their services to the cloud, including Microsoft Office and Adobe. Inadvertently for many organisations, this has created a natural migration to the Cloud. As these businesses and many others make the move, the need for improved Internet reliability and performance increases, which means that more bandwidth and better eSLA’s are essential to truly benefit.

2. Collaborate Effectively

For a business to find success, the need for good communication and collaboration is crucial. A faster internet connection is the key to achieve this.

Operations such as online conferences, video chats, file transfers and screen sharing demand a lot of resources, but they are made seamless with higher upload and download speeds.

3. Better Value on your Bills

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telecommunication such as Hosted PBX is quickly becoming the most efficient and cost-effective tool a business has. With the right Internet service, you can provide excellent customer service through uninterrupted, crystal clear phone calls.

Not to mention that VoIP is more bang-for-your-buck because your calls travel through the Internet, rather than an underground copper wire – which means no additional bills to think about.

4. Scale your Business

Ask yourself – can your current Internet service support additional people?

Having an Internet service that easily scales without degrading your network performance is one of the most practical tools to have. If your business expands and the number of your employees’ increases, scalability is a requisite worth having.

5. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Have you ever answered a call with crackly quality and long wait times to access customer records on your CRM?

The core of a great user experience for both your customers and employees comes down to having a faster internet connection. The most common frustration a customer has is a cause of a slow-performing network connection.

A faster internet connection will allow you to deliver exceptional customer service while ensuring an outstanding experience for your customer.

6. Peace of Mind

Have confidence knowing that by selecting the right Internet service and SLA, you will not only achieve your customer service KPIs but you will also be setting up your employees with the right tools to maximise their efficiency.

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